What can I do about bad breath?

bad breath
Confuzzled Guy asked:

I was really bad in oral hygiene for a couple years, as in I would only brush in the mornings and would do it as quickly as I could, so eventually that caught up with me, I started having bad breath, starting having an irritating feeling in my mouth, and even pus afterwards and during I brushed. So I completely changed my oral hygiene, I literally brush 5-6 times(in a row) in the mornings and at nights, I also floss at least once a day, as well as use a homemade mouth rinse that is made of salt and baking soda….the thing is I have gone to 2 dentists, they did a regular checkup, took x-rays, and did the little mirror and pointy thing, and they said my teeth were fine, I told them my problems and they basically told me that i’m crazy…and I know I am not because you can tell when people think your breath is offensive and i’ve had people tell me that not to mention I always have a bad taste in my mouth…and it has destroyed my social life and crippled my confidence. What should I do?
Also like to add that my teeth are far from perfectly white. So I don’t have a smile I can be proud of either.

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