Is my kitten’s bad breath just linked to his teething?

bad breath
SoCalLizzie asked:

My kitten has breath so bad that if it could be bottled, would be more deadly than any biohazardous material. Seriously, it’s narsty. But it’s not like it smells like gingivitis, it just smells like his food. i’ve started to get him ready for teeth brushing and he loves the taste of the kitty toothpaste. Yesterday I used the little toothbrush along with the paste, but his gums started to bleed a little bit. Is this common in teething (he’s 5 mos. old) or could it be some sort of problem? he’s always had the bad breath and i’ve taken him to the vet for his shots and they looked at his teeth and never said a word. And he eats like a horse and is super playful, so he doesn’t seem sick or anything…

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