My baby girl is 10 months with bad breath?

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bad breath
wHoSaIdThAt asked:

My baby eats regular food . I think thats why her breath doesn’t smell like a baby. The oral gel isn’t doing much . Any ideas?

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9 Responses to “My baby girl is 10 months with bad breath?”
  1. chumpchange Says:

    Binaca..for the win

  2. knowledge_of_the_flame Says:

    Maybe its what she is know milk, cheese things of the sort..or perhaps if she is chewing on random things maybe the smell is from an infection in her mouth…to be safe than sorry take her to the doc

  3. CeleryTree Says:

    Orajel is for numbing pain from teething or other gum painful gum problems.

    If she has bad breath that is something you need to talk to her pediatrician about. Bad breath isn’t usual in babies and can be a sign that they have a medical problem.

  4. ReeberKaseyMarcus Says:

    I would take her to the doctor to find out if there is anything going on ENT-wise. My daughter had sleep apnea from a very young age due to extremely enlarged tonsils and adenoids. That caused very bad breath. Soon after the surgery, her breath returned to normal, she stopped snoring, and she no longer has sleep apnea. She was 4 when she had the surgery because it took that long to get somebody to listen to me. I had to tape her breathing while she was sleeping to get someone to listen to me! This could not be what’s going on with your baby, but the bad breath thing does sound like an ENT problem. Good luck!

  5. Catherine L Says:

    That is exactly why her breath isn’t sweet baby breath. It is just from the food that she is eating. If she doesn’t have a a fever or is not crying from teething don’t freak out. There is a training gel that you can put on a little sleeve that fits on your finger, it has little nubies on it. Rub that all over her gums and tounge, but don’t go to far back. That should help out alot! It is the beginning of getting her used to brushing her teeth.

    You can find it at and grocery store or Walmart. I think it has a bear on it. Good luck!

  6. micho Says:

    u should take her to the doctor

  7. sknymnie Says:

    brush her teeth/gums and tongue with a little baby toothbrush or finger toothbrush and baby toothpaste

  8. ~*Isabel*~ Says:

    Talk to your dr. Otherwise, if she has any teeth you should be brushing them at least once a day. That might help! =) Make sure to get BABY toothpaste.

  9. farmersdaughter Says:

    I agree that you should talk to the dr about it. I could be many things…tonsils, sinus problems, etc. Worth a try!

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