How can I avoid bad breath in the morning?

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bad breath
selma m asked:

I floss and brush my teeth at least twice a day but I can’t help getting bad breath in the morning. How can I avoid it?

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4 Responses to “How can I avoid bad breath in the morning?”
  1. ~ FiFi ~ Says:

    okay it may taste a little bad, but if you put baking soda in your mouth and rinse it with water, its guaranteed to get rid of the smell!!!!!!
    on top of that you can rinse it with plain water, alittle
    jus try it!! it works!!!

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Have some mint gum when your breath starts to stink, or carry some Tick-Tacks.

  3. Dana O Says:

    ..try Listerine mouthwash…

  4. ~qween of narnia~ Says:

    use a strong 12 hour or 24 hour mouth wash before you go to bed to kill bad breath germs to help keep your breath fresh when you wake up in the morning.

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