Is it true that cinnamon gum (big red) gives you bad breath?

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lovestar asked:

I read cinnamon gives bad breath.. is this true? I hope not, because I love big red gum.

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4 Responses to “Is it true that cinnamon gum (big red) gives you bad breath?”
  1. Beth L. Says:

    My friend used to chew that stuff a lot and it got so bad sometimes that i seriously couldn’t even face her while she talked. I agree, it tastes supergood. But if you have bad breath to begin with, Cinnamon is not the best choice for covering it up.. it should be fine if your breath is okay to start with though.

  2. Penny B Says:

    NO.. cinnamon is recommend for diabetics to help prevent bad breath.

    I always chew cinnamon gum. but I like the dentyne fire.

  3. godofwar2masterR Says:

    No, but at the same time anything can give you “bad breath” if you use to much at one time.

  4. beachybabekac Says:

    Actually, they proved that it reduces bad breath by reducing mouth microbes that cause bad breath.

    check out this website.

    i’m actually doing a science fair project on this topic =] i might have to start chewing cinnamon gum, i usually chew peppermint

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