how do you get rid of bad breath?

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bad breath
unknown asked:

i brush my teeth and everything, i also brush my toungue. but i can’t reach the very back of my tongue, it makes me wanna puke… any advice…

Bad breath Gone
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13 Responses to “how do you get rid of bad breath?”
  1. Girltoronto Says:

    eating some parsley everyday helps

  2. Angelheart Says:

    suck on some mints or spray your mouth with breath fresheners

  3. victorygirl Says:

    Use listerine or some other mouthwash after you brush, or even their breath strips may help.

  4. kitty cat Says:

    eat lots of tick tacs

  5. jen Says:

    Mouthwash and lots of gum!~

  6. ttbird117 Says:

    i use peroxide to google with it get the germ out

  7. justme Says:

    talk to your dentist – there are several advances in this dept. I got a gel that I only used a few times and it really lasted. I am very self-conscious, as a teacher I’m right in kid’s faces when I help them!, so I constantly use the little mint papers at school.

  8. auntiem115 Says:

    try gargling with some mint mouth wash

  9. Lisa Says:

    sugar-free gum. Altoids, tic-tacs, etc. will leave sugar in your mouth and when the bacteria attach, your breath will be bad again. The sugar-free stuff clears your sinuses (one cause), freshens breath (obviously), and stimulates saliva secretion, which helps keep your mouth cleaner. Orbit, Trident, Dentyne, and Eclipse are all sugar free.

  10. Fuze Says:

    Chew extra’s constantly

  11. nighttimewkr Says:

    Bad breath can alos be caused by a stomach problem. Start taking some over the counter stomach meds like Pepcid and take a tablespoon of Maalox prior to eating. There are a lot of natural ways to stop it also and you can go find these at a Natrual Food store.

  12. dbgyog Says:

    The orogine of bad breath is in your digestion track. You must be facing constipation. This is because you are not eating with hunger and filing your stomach the whole day. This is creating undigested food layers which are not excreated properly. This part of food gets rotten and produces bad smell as well as gases.
    First you keep fast on citrus fruits for a day or two. Then check your hunger. Eat only when you are hungry otherwise continue with fruits. Grapes, oranges and lemon are good. Your problem will be solved.

  13. Jill B Says:

    The link below is to a good article ’5 Tips to Combat Bad Breath’:

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