why does my girlfriend always have bad breath?

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bad breath
bored asked:

my girlfriend brushes her teeth more thoroughly and often than i do and her breath still smells bad.
pretty much the only time it doesnt smell bad is while she’s chewing gum.


and is there any thing i can do about it to help or fix it…?

Bad breath Gone

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11 Responses to “why does my girlfriend always have bad breath?”
  1. k Says:

    It may be Halatosis, in which she should see a doctor.

  2. mistermisty Says:

    she should brush her tongue, too, and wouldn’t hurt to see a doctor

  3. Paul Says:

    Lick her Pu*sy not her a*s

  4. Deb Says:

    she could have digestive issues

  5. Emily * Says:

    maby she has a bad gum or a bad tooth on the back and from that tooth a smelly liguid comes out she will need to get that sorted but 4 the time being she needs a strong mouthwash not listerine the best 1 is called corsodyl that should help but mostly it would b better to vist the dentist but the thing is how r u gonna tell her……anyway just buy that mouthwash and put it there in the bathroom and say it has such a cool taste (which it does all flavors) and it will make her try it say it makes such a good breath not in the way that she thinks her breath smells

  6. cooldad Says:

    Xavier, it can be due to several reasons, like cavities, poor digestion or simply because of incorrectly prescribed medication (you’d be surprised how this stuff can actually cause halitosis).

    Evidently, halitosis (or bad breath) cannot be cured/reduced by the number of times she brushes. It has a lot to do with lifestyle changes and her diet.

    Please review the information available at the link below and if that doesn’t work, after 6-8 weeks, seek medical intervention.

  7. kitten loves her boo boo bear!! Says:


  8. Debby B Says:

    she could have a throat, sinus, lung, ear, tooth or gum infection- or is it from eating too much garlic or onions- she should see a doctor to be safe-take care D

  9. MaryAnn Says:

    If she has a decaying tooth, gum disease, a sinus infection, all of those things will cause bad breath. If she drinks tea, cola or coffee a lot, if she drinks/eats a lot of dairy products, if she smokes, those are habits that also cause bad breath.

    She should talk to her dentist and let them know the problem. She should make sure she brushes her tongue every time she brushes her teeth. Since a lot of bad breath is caused by stomach problems, she could also start taking acidophilus which replaces bad bacteria with good.

  10. Katie N Says:

    Tell her to try this…
    Brush her tongue.
    After she rinses her mouth with Colgate Pro Health rinse, have her swallow a little (like a half teaspoon). This will kill the bacteria in the back of her mouth by her tonsil area.
    Sleep with her mouth shut. Bacteria love fresh air.
    There is a mouthwash called Oasis. It is for a chronic dry mouth. It works well. Dry mouths cause bad bad breath and this stuff helps tons.

    Fetor hepaticus is a type of severely bad breath caused by chronic liver failure

  11. knufflebunny Says:

    Everyone missed one major point? Does she floss?? Flossing is so important as there is food that cannot be taken out with just brushing alone. The food remains lodged under the gum tissue or in between crowded teeth. The food will start to rot and produce a foul smell…Try the floss its good for her health not just her breath. Not flossing has been linked to several conditions including cardiac problems, and premature birth.

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