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bad breath cures
granny asked:

Does any one have breath that smells just like poop? I am not talking about bad breath like onions or garlic. This really smells like a bowel movement. What causes it? What can fix it? This person doesn’t drink or smoke and has had this for years.
They stay away from people as much as possible and people call them stuck up. This person is the nicest friend I have but even I get nausea being close to them. This isn’t everday just comes ands goes but the smell is terrible. I have heard people remark–Who stepped in poop? This makes my friend cry. PLEASE HELP!!!! This person brushes,flosses, goes to dentist regularly.

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13 Responses to “Anyone have POOP BREATH? ANY CURE?”
  1. tina Says:

    did you try REALLY MINTY MINTS? i hate those but it works i guess?

  2. Your MOM Says:

    my gramma has that!

  3. luluchacha Says:

    Geez! Has this person ever been to the doctor? Is feces somehow getting into her stomach? There are conditions like Chrons that can cause this. This person should definitely go to the doc cause that’s not normal.

  4. stick man Says:

    Your friend needs to have a bowel movement more regularly. Also, you can cover the smell by eating toast in the morning. The stomach puts what’s in it into your breath. I had the same prob when I was constipated. Your friend, may have bowel problems and just needs to “Go.”

  5. Annie L Says:

    poor health can make this happen too! not eating right and so forth!

  6. jdhayman Says:

    and I thought my questions were bad

  7. sandy l Says:

    i don’t know what causes it but i remember a man that was the same as what you write of .
    all i could think was that he was maybe constipated really bad. i thought that as i took a gf to the hosp once for constipation and the doctor did say that it was possible that if she had not come in that she would end up vomiting up the fecal matter.
    i suggest that if you don’t find the answer on here the next time you see the guy you tell him what his breath is like and suggest he see a doctor.

  8. the boss [amj] Says:

    bacteria on your tongue and the stuff that get caught in between cause horrible breath.
    i would try using a tongue scraper and not the ones on the back of the toothbrushes, they dont work as well. oh and after you brush your teeth floss.
    hope this works for you.

  9. Duane G Says:

    go to the dentist it means you have tooth decay brushing will only help for a lil while

  10. tracemiss Says:

    i would use mints their is gum maybe a differant tooth past try brushing with baking soda and brush after eating if you friend isnt if he or she doesnt like gum or mints just keep a jolly rancher in in their mouth

  11. angelic1 Says:

    Does this person ever suffer from sinus problems? Do they also get a smell when they sneeze? If so, get some GSE (Grape Seed Extract) tablets from the health store and that will take it away. My son suffers from sinus problems, this was where the smell was coming from and this has been the only thing that has worked. The smell was appalling.

    If you don’t think it’s anything to do with the sinuses, then it may be coming from the stomach; they may not be producing enough stomach acid. They could try adding vinegar/apple vinegar to their food and using hot water with vinegar added as a mouthwash.

    If none of these works, I would suggest that they see a doctor to find out if there is any other underlying health issues that could be causing it.

  12. Julie L Says:

    I just laughed out loud!

  13. Beckett Howorth Says:

    Yeah, stop eating poop.

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