Bad Breath Remedy

Marty Rubenski asked:

Having awful breath can be really embarrassing. Many people with this condition have been constantly looking for the perfect remedy that can cure bad breath.

Your first stop should be your own doctor. Although he is likely to have any miracle cure for your bad breath, he can eliminate any underlying health problems that could cause halitosis. You should also consider visiting the dentist in case your bad breath is caused by gum disease or simple tooth decay.

Here are some simple home remedies that can improve the condition of your breath. These may not work for you but what is important is that you are doing everything to cure your unfortunate condition.

Drink More Water!

Bad breath is often due to the lack of moisture in your mouth. It is best to drink plenty of water to replenish dry tissues of the mouth and flush any food particles stuck in between teeth. It is often recommended that we drink eight glasses of water each day and this advice will go a long way to reducing bad breath. If you feel like drowning drinking the recommended dosage of water, one best way to moisturize one’s mouth is by eating fresh fruits. Naturally, fruits are packed with water and also the best way to get extra water in the body. This is also a good way to alter one’s poor eating habits which also affects this condition. A simple remedy but often the most effective.

Mouth Hygiene.

Negligence of oral hygiene is another obvious cause of bad breath. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day is essential.

Change the Way You Eat

Eating a lot of meat and few vegetables and fruits is one major cause of bad breath. For those who already brush and floss on a regular basis, altering their eating habits can greatly eliminate bad odors. Eat a lot of fresh food and fruits instead of protein rich food. This work best also especially to those who never had issues hydrating their bodies with water. This will also give many health benefits as well as being a bad breath remedy!

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