Home Remedies To Treat Bad Breath

Marty Rubenski asked:

The entire world is experiencing economic slowdown. Some of the powerful nations are even in denial that they are already in recession. The world economies are so bad that there’s no denying that there’s an increasing need to cure bad breath. You may laugh upon reading this but let’s face it more people have halitosis nowadays. Is it due to poor diet or poor hygiene because of higher priced goods in your favorite grocery or supermarket?

In these difficult economic times, one must be innovative and resourceful. Visits to your dentist can be very costly, especially if you are living in a third world country. Even advertised products claiming to be the perfect cure for bad breath are just not cost-effective anymore.

Here are some proven home remedies that can often cure bad breath:

1.Drink Enough Water

If you have a simple case of bad breath then the most obvious home remedy is to drink plenty of water. Having a dry mouth leads to escalated bacteria infestation. Always remember that water helps in flushing out bacterium in the mouth. You can just drink water out of a glass or get your rehydration sources from eating vegetables and fresh fruits. Aside from eating healthy, you mouth tissues are being hydrated and replenished. If there’s no available water or fresh fruits then you can use gum. Just make sure that the gum is sugar free for it to help produce more saliva that will clean your mouth. Sugar in your mouth is a feeding ground of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

2.Reduce Protein Intake

One of the culprits of chronic bad breath is proteins. Avoid a diet with lots of meat. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables since they rehydrate your mouth tissues. This will surely increase the number of people who will talk to you freely. This is actually one of the most popular home remedy available. Eat right and your breath will smell good.


Only a few people know that eating avocado can cure bad breath. It can help ease the chronic bad breath condition that affects them. Remember that it is not difficult to get rid of bad breath with avocado, only a little is needed. You can easily find these fruits in you local grocery store or wet market.

4.Brushing and Flossing

The most obvious remedy for bad breath is to take good care of your teeth. If you cannot take time and attend to this need seriously then you really have no intentions of curing it. If you want remedy or start to value yourself esteem then it’s best to start with the basic treatments before you try the advanced ones. Always start with the obvious. Brush your teeth at least twice times a day and floss daily.

5. Use a Spoon or a Tongue Scraper

If your toothbrush does not have a built in tongue scraper or cleaner, you can just simply use a spoon. All you have to do is to scrape off the whitish or yellowish matter you are seeing on your tongue. It is usually located on the posterior or the back most part of your tongue.

6. Clean Dentures

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect set of teeth. So if you are one of those who are using dentures then more extra care is being expected from you. Make sure you clean your dentures nightly using an antiseptic solution.

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