Chronic Bad Breath-Do You Suffer With It?

Deb Marsden asked:

Chronic Bad Breath-Do You Suffer with It?

Chronic bad breath is no laughing matter. If you have it you’ve possibly experienced embarrassment because of it and this is so unnecessary. Chronic bad breath is usually the consequence of physiological problems more than poor oral hygiene. Anyone with chronic bad breath has tried all the usual measures to fix the problem. Chronic bad breath can affect your life personally as well as professionally.Do you ever think pepoe might be talking about you behind your back?

Perhaps you question yourself and aren’t exactly certain you have chronic bad breath.Consider the following experiences to see if you have chronic bad breath.If in doubt, do something about it anyway, because you can’t go wrong.

I Have a Constant Bad Taste in My Mouth

Do you have a constant bad taste in your mouth? No matter how many times you brush or floss your teeth, you just can’t get rid of the bad taste in your mouth .sometimes, even though we do our best, food particles remain in the mouth and break down thanks to the bacteria that live there.Good oral hygiene often addresses this but sometimes the bad taste remains.

Mint, Anyone?

Picture this. you’ve just begun a conversation with someone and the next thing you know they’re searching in their pocket or purse for something and suddenly they produce a mint and ask you if you want one. Friends may not know how to tell you that you have bad breath so they do the next best thing by offering you a breath freshening agent. Hopefully, you get the clue and accept it making sure to take care of your chronic bad breath as soon as you can.

Breath fresheners only have a temporary effect and can often mask the odor for a brief period. Further action is required to fix chronic bad breath.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get in your space.

When you’re in conversation with others do they all stand close to you or do you find them backing up and using any number of excuses for doing so?

If this happens often you may need to seriously consider the effect your bad breath may be having on others.If you think friends are avoiding you, consider it might be because of chronic bad breath.

Ugh! I thought my tongue was supposed to be pink!

Look in the mirror and check out your tongue. Is it pink or does it have a nasty looking yellow or white coat? In recent years dentists have suggested that as part of our oral hygiene regime, we brush our tongues as well. Food can get trapped in the grooves in the tongue, bacteria steps in and whoa….stand back ’cause your breath is three alarm awful!

it’s not that bad.

don’t be upset if you’ve figured out you have chronic bad breath. you can do something about it and the end of the world is not coming. Go to your dentist and work out a plan that will effectively eliminate your chronic bad breath.