To Those Who Want to Get Rid of Bad Breath Caused by Gum Disease — But can’t Get Started

Kelvin Ho asked:

Did you know that a high protein diet can actually cause bad breath? Few people would actually be able to make the connection between bad breath and the diet they are on. Those people, who are trying to lose weight on a high protein diet and consequently suffer from bad breath, need to find a remedy.

A high protein diet, as its name suggests, is a diet which high in proteins and conversely, low in carbohydrates. The rationale for this diet is that by restricting carbohydrate intake, the body will invariably use the fat stored in the body as an alternative source of energy.

High Protein Diet Can Cause Ketones

Ketones are produced as an off-shoot of the high protein diet because fat is used by the body as energy. This is what a high protein diet is supposed to do and does. Unfortunately, though most of the ketones can be used up by the body, one type of ketone molecule cannot be digested by the body. It is this one that results in bad breath.

The Major Problem Lies with Acetone

The ketone which cannot be digested by the body is acetone and it is this chemical that is then found in urine and bad breath. When a urine test is done there will large amounts of ketones present and then you will be having ketosis. This acetone is responsible for the bad breath due to its strange and foul odor.

In case your high protein diet is the causative factor of your bad breath, you may be able to find a solution for the problem. As the odor is caused by the high protein diet, being a result of the body using fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates, as long as you are continuing the diet, you will have to learn to remedy the situation.

Are You Happy with the Trade-Off Between Weight Loss and Bad Breath?

Suppose you do get bad breath as a result of being on a high-protein diet, you may have to decide whether it is worth it or not to continue with the diet. Or you may want to switch to an alternative diet plan which will not result in bad breath. If you do want to stick with the high protein diet, you can use herbal mints to eliminate the odor, or you could use minty mouth sprays for the same purpose or use both together.

Once you are armed with all the information, you can remedy the situation in whichever way you choose. Remember, halitosis caused by being on a high protein diet is easy treatable.