Aila19 asked:

i had this daRn huge pimple for about 5 days, it went from a pimple to open skin……… today when i woke off to wash off the toothpaste i put over th nasty red pimple, IT TURNED WHITE LIKE A BUBBLE!! AND I GOT ANOTHER PIMPLE UNDER IT, AND ITS ON MY FOREHEAD!! now its 4:00 and this skin peeled off and im left with that and alot of red on it AND IT LOOKS LIKE A GOT A BAD BROWNISH RED BURN and another one below it, please help,im only 12…… any home remedies amd tips that will work before school on monday, i need this to go away because everybody keeps asking me and i have to do a big report on something. HELP ME!!! THE “PIMPLE” MARK IS HIDEOUS AND LOOKE LIKE I GOT BURNED WITH ANOTHER PIMPLE UNDER IT, HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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