How to care and manage with pimples?

self-explainatory asked:

I have a few pimples on my face. But they get annoying because no matter how hard i try, i can’t keep them away and some take so long to go away. I use Zeno, wash my face everyday twice, use acne wash to prevent acne, and when i do get pimples, i use an acne medicine to make them go away. I try to keep my face as un-oily as possible. In the shower, i take a back scrubbing brush, put acne wash on it, and scrub my back to prevent acne.

However, i still have ” bacne ” & some irritating pimples on my face. I wash my hair everyday to prevent dandruff and oil. No matter how hard i try, pimples come back to me. Could i have some remedies and tips on how to care and manage with pimples? Maybe how to prevent or make them go away? thanks to all (:

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