I am using all to clean my bad breath?

bad breath
Don Juan asked:

i am using Oral-B mouth wash and brushing my teeth twice a day(morning & night before to bed), plus brushing my tongue sideways and on top of it. I am always Gargling my mouth after any meal so that food doesn’t get stuck in my teeth. All this i have been doing and yet sometimes when i speak to people they tend to cover their nose or move a step back.Other times they don’t do that.

I am afraid to ask them if i have bad breath.I once asked my friend and he said i didn’t have after we had dinner.I am planning to ask this collegue in my work place, a good friend later ” Do i have bad breath whenever i speak ? “. Is it a good idea?
Plus i am eating Natural yoghurt (No sugar added) to prevent bad breath in my digestive system.Read about it in a reader’s digest book.

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