How do I fix my bad breath?

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William C asked:

I know that I have a severe case of bad breath, and I hear very negative comments from everyone, complaining about my terrible case of halitosis. I tried everything: breath fresheners, cleaning my tongue and washing my teeth and mouth thoroughly. Please! I need a way to fix this problem!

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5 Responses to “How do I fix my bad breath?”
  1. Princess Pretty Hot Says:

    try to gargle a mouth wash that has a strong minty flavor.

  2. kirstand Says:

    The bad breath could be coming from your stomach if you suffer from acid reflux?
    Don’t rinse after brushing as you will wash the paste off your teeth so it wont be able to do its job.
    See your dentist to see if you have any cavity’s or infections, as this can cause bad breath.
    Daily flossing will help as it will clear the stagnation areas where the plaque is building up.
    Try to keep everything as clean as possible.

  3. ? Says:

    There is a great mouthwash called CloSYS II. They sell it at Walgreens and some other places. It comes in a white bottle with blue and green labeling. It’s outstanding and I’ve been using it for 4 years. HIGHLY recommended to anyone experiencing tough halitosis. In conjunction with tongue-scraping and brushing, you should see some positive results.

  4. healthwise357 Says:

    bad breath can cause social isolation, and depression. to know how to get rid of it is to be able to know first the cause of it. after determining the cause of your bad breath, you can seek appropriate treatments for your bad breath. know that bad breath is caused by so many factors like like lack of oral hygiene, dirty mouth, eating a garlicky meal, dry mouth, medications, smoking, gum disease and stomach related problems.

    proper oral hygiene can best eliminate bad breath, as well as keeping the mouth hydrated by drinking lots of water to be able to keep bad bacteria at bay. keep saliva going for it is the best defense that you can build against bad bacteria in the mouth.

    if all commonsense measures did not work to stop bad breath, it is best that you talk to you dentist. bad breath does not only limit its cause in the mouth like gum disease or the lack of poor oral care. sometimes it can be caused by stomach related problems. better ask the help of a dental expert to determine the underlying cause of bad breath and get some recommended treatments. visit for more bad breath eliminating tips.

  5. S R Says:

    Gargle a cup of lukewarm water mixed with salt or half a lemon juice.This is best done before going to bed. Chew parsley leaves,which are sure to keep your breath fresh. Put a few drops of tea tree oil on your toothbrush top it with toothpaste, and then brush your teeth. More useful remedies at

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