How do you bring up the sensitive subject to your husband e.g. Bad breath?

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bad breath
simplylovely asked:

Don’t get me wrong. My fiance has very fresh breath, and sparkling white teeth. But SOMETIMES, I would say 2% of the time when we were together, he had slight bad breath. I am very obsessed with oral health, because I am in sales, and I have to talk to people all day long. Well, sometimes, gum and oral rinse is not always handy.
I love him very much, but when he had breath like that, kissing is impossible. How do I avoid kissing without hurting his feeling?

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14 Responses to “How do you bring up the sensitive subject to your husband e.g. Bad breath?”
  1. mrs Says:

    i tell him all the time when he has bad breath. try this, “hunny, please brush your teeth”

  2. Graciegirl-Defending the Breed Says:

    be direct about it. it’s your husband, you shouldn’t have to beat around the bush.

  3. Crystal LeeAnn Says:

    Have some of those Listerine strips in your pocket. When you smell his breath, pull out the packet and get one for yourself. Then, pull out one for him and hand it to him. You fixed the problem without saying a word and hurting his feelings.

  4. Mrs D is expecting #2 Says:

    I don’t think there is a way to tell him without hurting his feelings… I tell my husband to brush his teeth or suck on a mint…

    I’m totally with you about oral heath… I think its gross when people have nasty teeth.

  5. Me Says:

    Here goes: “Honey, you need a breath mint”

    If you are about to get married – how do you not know that you can tell him that without hurting his feelings? Once you are married – trust me – there will be much harder things to tell him!!! Better make sure you guys are ready for that!

  6. Body Technique Says:

    Buy him alot of mints and place them everywhere. Psychologically tell him, no need for conversation, if he is sensitive it will hurt his feelings

  7. Sandy Ego Says:

    Just don’t kiss him the 2% of the time when there’s a problem… It’s not like you’re kissing 24/7. Sounds like it’s a minor thing, and, truthfully, everyone has bad breath every once in a while. If he regularly wants to kiss at the exact same moment he has “problem” breath, just ask him to brush his teeth and then continue kissing.

  8. Nadia Says:

    YOu know, I have the same problem. I love my husband but his breath can be a real deal breaker too. I’ll be looking for your answers!!!!

  9. Brunette wife Says:

    Now matter how you say it to him its going to hurt his feelings.

  10. My baby loves me! Says:

    Something that simple shouldn’t hurt his feelings. If you can’t be open about something so simple think about some thing more serious. Just be up front and bring it up to him. I think you have issues with communication, just work on it.

  11. Stephen H Says:

    I feel very bad when my wife wont tell me my breath is bad or my feet stink etc…

    I think it is part of the duty of a spouse to help take care of the other.

    carry some mints. tell him straight up that good breath is important to you.
    Try to be playful about it and make a joke.

    act like his mom “You go straight to the sink and brush your teeth young man!”

    cover your mouth and nose and squeal like a little girl… anything to make him laugh but at the same time get the point across.

    Whenever he has good breath tell him how good it is. Positive Reinforcement works great.

  12. Hit Pig Welpen Tretter Says:

    Keep mints handy, take them out, take one yourself, and offer him one, if he declines, say.. no, you need one and wink..

    I only give this advice because you say it isn’t a full time problem. for two percent of the time, this should do the trick and you won’t be insulting him all the time.

  13. Sarah =] Says:

    you should just tell him or give him some mints lol just simply he shouldn’t mind

  14. Lila Says:

    I just tell my husband when he stinks – without hesitation. You can say it in a teasing way but let him know – then he can do something about it. I’m an oral health nut myself.

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