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Dealing with clogged ears on a plane?

Maria asked:

I will be making a long plane trip tomorrow.
My ears have been clogged, stuffy, and funky for a few days now. I got a prescription nasal spray and Clariten tablets for the issue.
Seeing as my trip is so close, my ears don’t have enough time to fully “heal”, if you will. What can I do on an airplane to help relieve the pressure (it’ll be two times worse, i’m sure, since they’re already feeling a lot of pressure as it is)? Anything besides yawning and chewing gum?

Also, quick thing. A lot of people suggest yawning but although it relieves some form of the pressure, my ears ALWAYS still crackle. Is there any way to fix that, or is that just what the experience is?

Thanks, i’m concerned for my ears on this flight so ANY remedies and tips you have for me would be AMAZING. Thanks in advance!!!

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