New Vaccine from Merck Prevents Cervical Cancer, Genital Warts and May Help Prevent Oral Cancer

Merck’s new human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine prevents most cervical cancer and venerial warts. Additionally, it may help prevent some oral cancer. Contributor: Dr. David LeaderPublished: Jun 12, 2006

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My 4 year-old-daughter has bad breath, her tongue is white in the back w/bumps. What is this?

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Alison L asked: She Also clears her throat frequently, and says she feels like there are “boogers” in her throat. I believe this is allergy related as she has done this off and on since the age of one. But the bad breath and white, pastey tongue is something new! I have no idea what […]


I have very bad allergies and nosespray is not working– How can i cure my stuffy nose so that ican breath?

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SR asked: please help– i cant breathe out of my nose— i have to breath out of my mouth I have to go to school in 20 minutes–


is there a way to stop cat allergies?

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Shawtyjill asked: a friend of mine says she feels miserble with these allergies, she had a nose bleed and said her lungs hurt, and she has 2 kittens. she is on different perscriptions so she can’t take any other for cat allergies? is there any home remedies to help reduce the allergins? any tips on […]

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