Why does my parrot have bad breath? He has always had it and is now seven years old. ?

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nowyat asked: This is especially annoying because he likes to get right in my face and breath on me. It’s sort of garlicky, but he doesn’t eat garlic. Maybe he needs more vegetables? Otherwise he seems perfectly healthy. Thanks. P.S. If you own a bird, does he have bad breath? Thanks Soye! I bet it’s […]

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Just recently this weekend my Green Wing Macaw has gotton very bad breath what can cause this & what can i do?

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amber_36532 asked: *His diet is the same,he travels with from from work and home(I’m a zookeeper)he gets two different brands of seed,but it’s been consistant,no new changes and his droppings are the same as always.I haven’t noticed any difference in him except for this horrible breathCaffeinated Content