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Get Rid Of Bad Breath Fast

Marty Rubenski asked:

Halitosis or bad breath is the very unpleasant smell emanating from a sufferer’s mouth. Rich or poor, healthy or not, you can still be affected. If you suffer from this, you are undoubtedly looking for ways on how to get rid of your bad breath quickly.

There are four ways to get rid of bad breath fast.

1. Religiously observe and maintain exemplary oral hygiene. Brush your teeth three times a day. Floss everyday and use a mouthwash after brushing your teeth. It is best to buy a tooth brush that has a tongue scraper. This will definitely ensure that there are no food particles stuck in between teeth or any white matter on your tongue that will promote the increase of bacteria.

2. Drink lots of water. You can substitute fresh fruits in the absence of water. Remember a dry mouth is a source of bad breath. Water not just flushes food particles in your mouth, it also hydrates your mouth tissues.

3. If you really cannot avoid smoking, alcoholic drinks, coffee or food rich in exotic spices then you may use gum that is sugar free, mints and candies. You may want to invest on mouth sprays for immediate cure. Please keep in mind that these products provide temporary relief. It does not solve the real cause of one’s halitosis.

4. My final suggestion to get rid of bad breath fast is to consider a change in your diet. Studies show that food rich in protein can cause bad breath. The breakdown of protein in the mouth found in steaks, chicken and dairy products can definitely promote bad breath .

A longer term cure for bad breath is to consult your dentist. These experts are trained to check your teeth if they have cavities or plaque. They can also see if you have gingivitis which can be the main source of your halitosis. If your dentist cannot find anything wrong with your teeth and gums then he or she may refer you to a physician who can check on more serious conditions that may be causing your problem. One major systemic cause is ketones. These are smelly chemicals that are excreted through perspiration, urine or exhaled breath. People who have diabetes have inadequate carbohydrate intake often have ketones building up in their blood which causes their halitosis. So get your health checked by a professional to rule out underlying serious problems.

There are really no shortcuts in improving one’s health. Health is indeed one’s wealth. A simple case of bad breath can mean a loss of opportunities to somebody who has it. It can also mean a loss of one’s precious life. it’s never too late to take this for granted. Just follow the suggestions provided and your existence will surely be a breath of fresh air and help you get rid of bad braeth fast.

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2 Bad Breath Remedies – Tips To Select The Right One

Abhishek Agarwal asked:

There are few things in life more embarrassing than bad breath. Everybody afflicted with this condition is searching for that one elusive cure which can cure them of their condition and make life a lot easier to live. Unfortunately, remedies are not exactly straightforward.

If you are one of those many souls searching for a cure, the place you are most likely to find that cure is most definitely a medical professional. Your physician can give you a lot more personalized information on which remedy would suit you the best and help you choosing in one as he knows your body much better than anyone else. In case you need a cure immediately, here are a couple of them. These may or may not work for you but it is important that you actively search for the cure that would suit you best to ensure that all future encounters with other people is not an embarrassing one and you are in your comfort zone.

1. Drink Water!

The reason for bad breath, excluding improper brushing and flossing, is probably a dry mouth. In case you don?t drink enough fluids, it?s a good bet that the reason for your foul smelling breath is the want for moisture inside your mouth. Drinking enough water is vital for good health, with a bad breath only one reason to make sure you drink enough.

In case you find it difficult to drink water as such, try to eat a lot of fruits. Fruits are full of water and are a guaranteed way of getting more fluids into your body. This is an ideal way to start changing your diet which is the second of the remedies already mentioned.

2. Change your Diet

Eating a lot of meat instead of vegetables and fruits can also lead to a malodorous breath. Staying off high protein meat and eating more fresh food is an ideal remedy for those who already brush and floss regularly and drink enough water to keep their mouths moist and get the required amount of fluids for their body, but still suffer from bad breath.

Next time, skip the juicy steak and opt for a healthy salad instead. It is one of those rare bad breath remedies that actually work. You won?t know if it is effective till you have tried it out for yourself. A bad breath is not as difficult as most of us think it is to cure.

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My grandmother’s Best Bad Beath Solution for Bad Breath Caused by Gum Disease

Kelvin Ho asked:

A high protein diet is used by many different types of people including people who are interested in weight loss and people who are into muscle building. This may be a contradiction in terms, but for both sets of people, the diet may be high protein, though still different. The only thing they have in common is bad breath which is caused by the high protein diet.

If you are on a special diet tailored to your specific requirements, you would ideally need to be under the supervision of a dietitian, nutritionist or doctor. But a great many people just go it alone for various reasons. That is why you need to be all the more careful when undertaking a diet plan which you may have just read or heard about.

If you are suffering from bad breath caused by the high protein diet, you need to know that your diet is actually not in balance. Even though a high protein diet is structured so that you can lose weight quickly, it should also maintain all bodily functions in an optimum manner.

Unfortunately, a high protein diet often causes bad breath because of the increase in ketones in the blood and urine. This is a by-product of the high protein diet and ketones are produced when the body burns fat instead of carbohydrates which are restricted or eliminated in a high protein diet. Ketones cause a foul odor in the blood, urine and even perspiration, so a person on a high protein diet is prone to smelling bad.

Is there a Remedy for Bad Breath caused by a High Protein Diet?

There is a very simple remedy for this problem. On a high protein diet, most people’s meals will lay greater emphasis on meats and sea foods. But there are vegetarian sources of protein as well and these vegetarian substitutes or additions will usually also have a decent amount of carbohydrates as well.

Most kinds of beans and lentils are good sources of protein and they also contain carbohydrates which the body will use as fuel in addition to the fat it burns. If you go out in the sun or use a sauna, this will also help in dispelling the ketones formed in the way of perspiration. Keeping your body well hydrated by drinking lots of water will dilute the ketones in the urine.

However, you have to very careful when you are on a high protein diet, especially if you are not under any health care provider. Diet and weight loss are specialized fields and it is a person who specializes in these fields who can help you the most. After all you do not want to find out that the bad breath or malodorous urine is caused not by the high protein diet, but by diabetes which can cause the same symptoms?

There may be people with undiagnosed diabetes or people whose diabetes is not under control who would be particularly at risk. This can escalate to a life-threatening situation, so it is vital to get to a doctor in the very least to eliminate this possibility. Temporary cures for bad breath are all very well, chronic halitosis is better treated by a medical professional.

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Bad Breath Remedy: 3 Simple Tips to Prevent Bad Breath

Zan Lim asked:

You might have already figured out that you have bad breath and you are now looking for simple bad breath remedy that will relieve the condition.  There are many simple things that you can do to instantly relieve or prevent bad breath from happening.  Here are the 3 simple tips that you can use to improve your condition:

1)    Avoid Eating Too Much Cheese

Cheese is one of the foods that will leave a strong smell or odour in your mouth after you have eaten it. The effect will be lighter if you are eating cheese that is milder in nature. You will definitely have a strong smell on your mouth if you are going to eat those strong cheeses with the mould cultures in it. If you are going to be out of your home for a long period of time, it will be a wiser decision not to eat too much cheese which will cause your breath to be unpleasant.

2)    Avoid Eating Onions

Onion is another food that can add to the problem of bad breath too. I am not saying that you cannot eat onion at all as it is only the raw onions that will cause the problem. If you want to eat, you should eat those cook onion dishes as cooked onions are much less fragrant. The last thing that you will want to do is to eat those big sandwiches for lunch with lots of raw onion which will cause your breath to be bad the whole day.  You should only eat these kinds of food at the end of the day when you are at home. Do remember to brush your teeth properly after you have eaten the food.

3)    Making Use Of Mouthwash

This is one of the most classic recommendations by a lot of people to help relieve the solution. The mouthwash will help to kill many odour causing bacteria in your mouth and most of the mouthwash will contain some mint that will make the breath fresher.  Although it seems to be a perfect method, you will have to note that it should only be used as a temporary fixed. The main reason is mouthwash also contains alcohol which will dry the mouth quickly to cause bad breath.  You should only use it when you need it and it is advisable not to depend on them for the whole day.

Follow the 3 bad breath remedy that is being provided above and you will have a much higher chances of preventing bad breath.  This is especially important if you are meeting someone new for the first time and you want to leave a good impression.  Apply the 3 tips and you will be glad that you have applied it.

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What are the Causes of Bad Breath Caused by Gum Disease

Kelvin Ho asked:

If you are looking for the appropriate remedy for bad breath, first you need to do is get to the root cause of the problem, so you can find the best available treatment for it. Halitosis affects as much as 25% of the population and if you know that it can be treated properly you can help yourself.

Among the causes of bad breath are strong foods, smoking and tobacco use, dentures, oral bacteria and even a dry mouth. These factors may be singly or in conjunction responsible for bad breath, which itself may be temporary or chronic. Depending of the reason for the bad breath, you can find a treatment for it.

Bacteria in the Mouth

Oral bacteria are the single most important reason for bad breath. This can be remedied by regularly and routinely taking care of your teeth and mouth by simply brushing, flossing, cleaning your tongue, rinsing thoroughly afterwards. Bacteria particularly love the tongue because they can easily multiply there. That is why it is vital that there is no food debris left in your mouth and that your plaque is removed regularly. If you adopt good oral hygiene practices and follow a daily routine of cleaning your mouth well, you can get rid of bacteria, and consequently one of the causes of bad breath.

Halitosis caused by Food

Some foods, because of their very nature, can cause temporary bad odor in the mouth. Onions and garlic are among the major culprits in food. There are other foods which you can eat to eliminate the bad breath, among them being parsley, fennel seeds, peppermint or even clove or cinnamon. As the odor comes from the digestive tract it will take time to completely dissipate.

Bad Breath Caused by Smoking

Smoking is one of the major causes of bad breath. smoker’s breath is a common term, specially when it is accompanied by rank bad breath. Tobacco causes gums and teeth to lose their normal health and consequently results in bad breath. Not only for bad breath but also for overall health, you ought to quit smoking.

Dentures Can Result in Halitosis

If you wear dentures and they are not cleaned properly and regularly, they can be a cause of bad breath. Food particles can be easily caught in the gaps, so it is of utmost importance to clean dentures very will and very regularly so that they don’t become a source of oral bacteria.

Bad Breath Linked to a Dry Mouth

If you suffer from a dry mouth, you may well also be suffering from bad breath which may be chronic or temporary. Bacteria cannot leave the mouth if it is too dry. In order to remedy the situation, you will need to drink enough water and other liquids so that you don’t suffer from a dry mouth, and water also helps in removing the bacteria.

A remedy for bad breath is in your hands, but you need to get to the cause of the bad breath and then treat it accordingly. When you find the right solution for your problem, you will feel like a new person.

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