Greasy roots and very dry/split ends. Help?

Skittles asked:

So, my roots are kinda greasy but the ends of my hair and the middle parts are so dry and damaged! I used to have the most soft hair even though I dyed it and bleached it a lot, as well as straightening and sometimes blow drying. And all of a sudden it’s just gone all dry. I will get my hair cut as soon as possible but are there any REAL (preferably HOME) remedies and tips that I can try for school tomorrow in the mean time? Keep in mind I don’t want to worsen the greasy roots but I also want to fix how dry the rest of my hair is.

Bad Breath Remedies

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How can I thicken my hair?

curious. asked:

I have quite thin hair and want to know if there are any ways to make it look/feel thicker and fuller.. Can you suggest any home remedies? Any cheapish shampoos or conditioners? Any tips?

Halitosis Remedy

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how to make my hair look like this?

Ally asked:

i have long, dark brown hair. i straighten it almost every day and it always looks like this:

i really want to make my hair to look like this:

i use this leave in conditioner every time i shower, but i also have this thing called biosilk.
should i use that?? or does anyone have any hme remedies or tips on how to fix it???

Keep Breath Fresh

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Products and tips to stop hair falling and breaking and tangles?

alice; asked:

I have dyed my hair a lot this year and now my hair breaks and falls out when I ran my hands through it, when I brush it and when I wash it.

I don’t use heat products on my hair, I haven’t dyed it in bout 2 months and when I was it I deep condition it and only use a wide toothed comb to comb it until it dries.
Even though I do this too take care my hair falls out ALL THE TIME!

Does anyone know of any products I can get that will stop my hair from breaking and falling within using it a few times and that won’t stop working after the first few times.
Also I need products that aren’t really expensive and that are available in Australia.

Also my hair gets very knotty and tangles all the time. I will brush my hair and ran my fingers through it 20 mintues later and there will be tangles, big tangles. I dont have very thick hair and its not very long but it always tangles and gets knotty near my nape! How can I stop this?

Also any tips and tricks or home remedy’s you can advise for me would be very much appreciated.


Fix Bad Breath

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How can you make your hair grow longer?

Allie asked:

Okay. So a few months ago, I cut my hair really short, like around the tops of my shoulders, where as my normal hair would be down to about my ribcage. Now that my hair’s been growing for a while, it’s gotten to be about my chest length. I REALLY want my long hair again by the time school starts… Does anybody know any good home remedies or tips? I know your hair will grow fast if you trim it frequently, but lately i’ve been looking at daily vitamin pills to give my hair (and nails) a boost in growth speed. Do you have to have a prescription for nature’s Bounty: Hair, Nails, & Skin Vitamins???? If not, can you just pick them up at Walgreens or something? Are there medical risks?

Fix Bad Breath

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