My hair is suddenly falling out! I think i’m damaging it?

Zim <3 asked:

I wash my hair every single day, I straighten my bangs every day and sometimes straighten parts of my hair. Today after I came out of the shower, my hair started falling out. I think it’s because I wash it 2 much.
What can I do to wash my hair every other day?
Home remedies or tips 2 stop falling hair?
How to keep FULL bangs from separating?
How to keep side bangs in place?

I have naturally Straight hair. But I used to wear my hair in ponytails all the time so now my hair is flipping and starts getting curly which I hate. =[ and i’m going 2 to cut my hair get layers in a few weeks.
It doesn’t clump. It just falls out whenever I brush it. And yes, I get stressed ALOT like everyday.

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