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Can a woman who has bad breath cause you to have UTI after a blow job?

bad breath
Warren asked:

do bad breath cause UTI after a blowjob

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merck’s new human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine prevents most cervical cancer and venerial warts. Additionally, it may help prevent some oral cancer.

Contributor: Dr. David Leader
Published: Jun 12, 2006

New Vaccine from Merck Prevents Cervical Cancer, Genital Warts and May Help Prevent Oral Cancer

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Does anyone have any tips on how to get gum out of my pubes?

Jimmy Haites asked:

I was making bears on the toilet when the gum I was chewing fell out of my mouth and got stuck in my pubes. Should I cut it out, shave it off or just trying ripping the gum out. Or is there any home remedy?
Making Bears = Taking a crap

Cure Poop Breath

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Why do I sweat so much under my arms?

Collins 2030 asked:

At school and at social events, I tend to sweat underneath my arms, and it gets quite emberassing to myself to the point where I have to wear a jacket every day! Nobody really notices, except on some occasions like maybe once every two months. But, it’s just really uncomfortable physically and emotionally.

What can I do to overcome this? I believe it to be ‘social anxiety’ and please don’t tell me to see a doctor, have botox, or buy a special amtipersperant. (because botox is out of the question, seeing a doctor is out of the question as well, and i’ve already tried all of the deodorants out there!)

Any home remedies, or tips on how to control this?

Thanks SO much in advance!

Keep Your Breath Fresh

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How do u cure baldness?

nikhil n asked:

Remedies,hints and tips?

Icy Fresh Breath

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