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I have gastroesophageal reflux diease and i want to know if there is anyway to prevent bad breath?

bad breath
Nicole asked:

For those of you who have GERDS too you know that one of the symptoms is bad breath
and mine is not just a little bad
it’s horrible
i’m 16 years old and i’ve never had my first kiss because i’m afraid that my breath will smell horrible when they try and kiss me
I know that chewing gum right after a meal is supposed to help with the acid
but i am starting to develop alot of cavaties because i chew so much gum

any ideas or suggestion would be appricated!!!
I forgot to add that i take nexium twice a day and i don’t chew gum with sorbital (it’s an artificail sweetener) I also take carafate (it’s like extra strength tums)
and i’ve gotten all of my cavites filled so that shouldn’t be causing it anymore
but even with all this
my mom still tells me to go chew some gum sometimes because SHE can’t stand my breath lol
its no fun at all

Bad breath Gone

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What in these substances cause dehydration and nausea: Baygon, seafood, bad breath, underarm odor?

bad breath
homosapiens asked:

Whenever I breathe these substances or eat seafood, I immediately have diarrhea, I breathe hardly. I have nausea and I am dehydrated. I am wondering if there is a common chemical to these substances that cause that.

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is any of you suffering from acid reflux, if yes doest it give u bad breath? dry mouth?

bad breath
NO FEAR asked:

i have dried everything like protonix, and i dnt eat less than 3 hrs be4 sleep, plz tell me wats work i had this FOR years, and it causes bad breath and tightening of the throat.

Clear up Bad Breath Today!

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Is there a link between bad breath and how many times you s(h)it?

bad breath
Evil Cat asked:

Like, that it gets worse the longer days you go without taking a dump. that’s what my teacher said today. How does that work?
Wow, so much rudeness… =S makes me wonder how many people are this miserable in the real world.

Uh, DUH, it’s a serious question. And obviously i’m not talking about going out your mouth. She mentioned something about toxins getting stuck in the body.

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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I Often find nasal drainage/food particles stuck in the palatine tonsils causing bad breath. Is this normal?

bad breath
Daisy asked:

i’m in my thirties and still have adenoid tonsils / tissue present. I have to use q-tips to remove the sticky substance. Gargling does not help. i’m considering buying a water pick to help remove the build-up which is becoming a daily thing. Perhaps I should consider having my tonsils removed…

Caffeinated Content

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