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Any good skin care tips?

Happy Holidays ? asked:

Does any one have some good home remedies for skin that will keep it soft and clean?

Bad Breath Tips

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Does Anyone Know Some very good tips and cures For VERY chapped lips! * i’ll answer 3 of yours(;?

Camdin Elise <3 asked:

Since it’s winter, my lips have been VERY chapped, and i have a date Friday, so i want them to be nice and smooth again !

I have already tried several Chap sticks and Glosses; and none of them helped !

does anyone have any good tips and tricks you could share with me !

thankk you so much for you time !

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Can you guys help with my skin problem?

kercota asked:

I get red and irritated skin all over my face but it’s not dry, I actually have oily skin.

Makeup can cover it up, but as soon as I take it off and wash my face it just gets red, especially on my cheeks.

I use cetaphil cleanser, and then witchazel, and then clinique moisturizing gel.

So do you have any home remedies or tips for soothing the skin and toning down the redness? Because it has come to a point where I ALWAYS have to wear makeup, because it looks so strange when my neck is perfectly normal, and then my skin is red.

Halitosis Cure

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home remedies to dark armpits?

😀 asked:

i sweat alot under my armpits and i stoppd using alcohol containd deoderant.
i shave too. and i think thats the reason why i have dark armpits.. i want to experiment
using Nair (spray on rinse off spray) instead of shaving? can that light up my armpits a little more?
or is it a bad idea? tips?

Cure Poop Breath

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what acne products should i get that wont let me down?

polka-dottie asked:

ive tried practically EVERTHING from skin id to proactive to the wave and beyond. nothing’s WORKED. it makes it worse. idk what to use that actually works. my skin is combination oily tzone of course and i breakout in randoms place like the side of my right eyebrow, in the center of my chin, on my forehead, its not just one place that breaks out the most. whats worked for you? tell me more about the products u use and how theyve made ur skin different. i’d also like something cheap like under $10. also any home remedies and tips would be helpful 🙂

Cure Poop Breath

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