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Bad Breath, Throat always dry, always swallowing, feels like something is stuck in my throat, What is wrong?

bad breath
pinkgirl asked:

I had GERD and was on rabeprazole medication for 3 months and it went away but I am having the same throat symptoms. I think it may be allergies or post nasal drip but I am not sure. Does anyone out there have this?

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The love is more intense when the both have a bad breath?

bad breath
John asked:

Just Guess! If someone have a bad breath and his(her) boyfriend (girlfriend) have a bad breath. The both don;t feel nothing from they mouths. Can a be more intense (the love) or the both don’t care about it?

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real bad acid indigestion what causes it?

bad breath cures
keejo84 asked:

I,ve been suffering for a few days with real bad acid indigestion and a wicked smell in my breath when i burp, Sometimes Pepsid helps, sometimes not. What is this and what is the cure?

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Migraine going on now.almost for three days? Help?

Question Girl 14 asked:

I have had this migraine (I believe) for about three days now…symptoms include: Eyes REALLY hurting when ever I move them..even the slightest movement will trigger the hurting and migraine. Also, I feel lightheaded and just got my period today…that adds cramps and fatique. I don’t feel like eating or doing anything. Plus, I feel a bit warm…but, am forced to turn on the heater, because I feel terribly cold..even when wearing a sweatshirt! To add to that, I have this terrible cold and my throat always feels dry, and I feel really tired no matter how much sleep I force myself to get!! Just to tell you how tired I feel, My eyes can only stay open about a 1/4 then where it should be. Also, I have red veins showing up on my eyes and saggy black skin under my eyes.

I tried taking a shower…getting tons of sleep……eating…..and taking special migraine medication. But, it just won’t work!! PLUS, to add to the misery….today is my birthday! I could not go out or do anything…

Please, don’t mention for me to go to the hospital…I already asked my parents..
If you have any home remedies or tips on how to make me feel better….please, help!!! ooooOOOOOOWWW!! My eyes….better keep them still..=..[
My neck only hurts when I wake up from napping…and my back really hurts on my right side. But, it’s always like that.

I did take a shower…but, it didn’t work.

I told you, my parents already said no to taking me to the doctor’s.

Remedy for Poop Breath

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Why do I get sharp pains in my palm? I think it’s from using my computer mouse a lot. Prevention tips/cures?

A_H_lady asked:

using my cpu less is out of the question (all my schoolwork and professional work requires my being on it all day).
ive been doing little stretches pulling back my fingertips in a backwards arch motion, but the relief lasts seconds only, pain returns instantly. its like a numby warm constant pain that fluctuates up and down w/ sharper pains.

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