8 months pregnant, s.w.o.l.l.e.n

beliz asked:

So I made it through the whole summer without a hitch, and I thought I would be lucky enough to avoid the whole feet/back things you hear so much about in late pregancy.

Then I went back to work (teacher) this week, and my god, between running back and forth to the office, copier, classroom, and bathroom, (on concrete school floors no less) my feet look like marshmallows that have been nuked in the microwave! (and they hurt like hell!)

My worry is Monday when the kids start back. This week I could at least take a rest every once in a while when things got really bad, but you can’t do that when you have 24 kindergarteners! i’m trying to watch the salt and drinking tons of water (it’s also hard to take bathroom breaks when you’re a teacher, but that’s a whoooole ‘nother issue!)

Are there any magic remedies or tips out there that might help get me through to October, or is it just wishful thinking?

Cure Poop Breath

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Heartburn help (33 weeks pregnant)?

humanbeforeamerican asked:

I have had really bad heartburn. This was manageable with tums, however I was recently told by my OB that I had anemia, and I was put on iron pills. The bottle says I cannot take antacids with it (after research I see it is because it may not allow the iron to absorb into my body.) Are there any natural remedies or tips you guys can give me? I feel like there is lava in my esophagus….
the bottle says i shouldn’t take dairy or wheat products either….I have an appointment next Friday, but figured I would see if anyone else had any advice

Cure Poop Breath

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How can I deal with his bad breath?

bad breath
Heather T asked:

Okay this isnt a direct pregnancy question but I thought pregnant women would understand more then anyone. I am 10 weeks pregnant, I quit smoking as soon as I found out. My fiancee still smokes though and now it grosses me out to kiss him! His breath smells sooo bad…I never noticed before. I think me being pregnant makes the smell worse.
no smart ass answers please.
I know this is a silly question but I really love him, and we are getting married saturday, any suggestions?

Get Rid of Poop Breath

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Why do I have bad breath during pregnancy?

bad breath
Caramel asked:

Ever since I became pregnant, I have this really bad breath. Should I talk to my dentist?

Caffeinated Content

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