how can i possibly get over my fear of public speaking?

Michelle asked:

I have to do a presentation tomorrow…everytime I do presentations I end up shaking, my voice is shaking and I look so nervous even though I know looking nervous is more embarrasing than looking comfortable. But I can’t help it!!
What are some remedies you guys do? Tips! Help!

Does taking a shot help ? lol

Halitosis Remedy

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How do you tell a co-worker she has bad breath?

bad breath
Lola asked:

I have a co-worker who has bad breath. People avoid getting close to her because of it. I don’t think she knows it. I have thought of sending her an anonymous email but I was worried that she might suspect the wrong person. It would be good for her and for the work environment if she got treated for it, but how can it be mentioned to her without hurting her feelings? She is a sensitive person.

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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