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Bad Breath Source – Where Else Does Bad Breath Come From?

bad breath
Margaret A asked:

What are the possible reasons why someone has bad breath? Can stomach gases cause bad breath?

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Why does a bad cold cause me to gasp for breath in the middle of the night?

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themandrill5 asked:

When I get a REALLY bad cold, occasionally i’ll wake up in the middle of the night unable to take a breath, or breath out, without EXTREME difficulty. It lasts about 30 seconds or so. My unprofessional guess is that post-nasal drip has triggered my epiglottis to close, but it’s really scary and i’m not sure if that’s the answer or not. What is it and what can I do about it?

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bad breath chronic halitosis?

bad breath cures
Claudiu asked:

I have a friend he is 16 years old.
Hes breath smells extremly bad especialy when we are in a tight place like bus or something hes smell go like a few meters even other people feel it.
He knows he has bad breath and tryed everything to cure it:
1. by himself at home cleaning 3 times+floss+tongue +water with salt for tongue + on bus parsley/gum(Orbit/Winterfresh/and others) EXTREMLY MUCH WATER he drinked water like each 30 seconds in bus
2.He got to dentist no luck….
I really want to help him as hes my best friend.
Also I don’t know if it matters but hes breath smells very bad when he breaths on nose He don’t need to talk to feel hes bad breath he just need to breath…..
So please any suggestions??
at least some mask for time on buss and stuff as hes very emberassed and avoid talking to me cause he go mo further from me and dont speak to me on transportation as it says I don’t want people to think it’s from U + I don’t want to make U suffer…
So any suggestions???
and sorry for my english

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How do I reduce my bad breath?

bad breath
i_hate_computerss asked:

I take medicine, could that be it, and how can I stop making it smell bad instead of brushing my teeth all the time.

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Is it bad to breath through only one nostrils?

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itsme asked:

One of my nostrils is always blocked. but because of this there is no problem as such. But I can not do yoga, when one nostrils is blocked.? What could be the problem for blocked nostrils all the time?

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