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Why do people associate all body odor and bad breath with hygiene?

bad breath
vintagefashionlover asked:

Seriously there are some people who can’t solve their problems by brushing their teeth and bathing. Some people have medical conditions. and Go to the video that says TMAU. Sad isn’t it?

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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HELP! Im getting more pimples every day! I am 13?

Youknow W asked:

okay so i am a 13 year old girl and i am getting like 2 new pimples every day. i am seriously fed up with it. 2 years ago i had perfect skin now its so annoying! please help, what can i do to get rid of these pimples without leaving a scar? how can i prevent acne? i use clean & clear cleanser but that is not working and i wash my face 2-3 times a day. after using clean & clear cleanser, is it ok to put creme on your face? because it really dries out myskin. also the whole toothpaste over night thing, does that really work? and if so, how do i do it? like if i put a dab of toothpaste over night and sleep then when i wake up it will be all over myf ace because i move a lot when i sleep. please any home remedies or tips that you can give me to solve my problem, i will give you maximum points and answer your questions. thank you.

Halitosis Cure

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Are bad breath , body odor , oily skin , and sudden hair loss symptoms of anything serious?

bad breath
skeeter asked:

I have never had a problem with any of this before. All of these symptoms started suddenly and all at the same time. 35 male “sorry for my poor spelling of odor the first time”

Clear up Bad Breath Today!

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Aila19 asked:

i had this daRn huge pimple for about 5 days, it went from a pimple to open skin……… today when i woke off to wash off the toothpaste i put over th nasty red pimple, IT TURNED WHITE LIKE A BUBBLE!! AND I GOT ANOTHER PIMPLE UNDER IT, AND ITS ON MY FOREHEAD!! now its 4:00 and this skin peeled off and im left with that and alot of red on it AND IT LOOKS LIKE A GOT A BAD BROWNISH RED BURN and another one below it, please help,im only 12…… any home remedies amd tips that will work before school on monday, i need this to go away because everybody keeps asking me and i have to do a big report on something. HELP ME!!! THE “PIMPLE” MARK IS HIDEOUS AND LOOKE LIKE I GOT BURNED WITH ANOTHER PIMPLE UNDER IT, HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Keep Breath Fresh

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savemenow94 asked:

so, this morning i woke up with a pimple like on the line of my lower lip, that was NOT there last night.
and i really need it to be gone by tomorrow…:|
does anyone know of any quick overnight remedies or tips to get a pimple to dry up fast?
thaanks a lot
best answer will probably be chosen tonight depending on the number of answers..
okaay i forgot to mention
i use cetaphil to wash my face,
and i HAVE proactive, but i dont use it…
i just put on the proactive Benzoyl Peroxide after washing my face with cetaphil in hopes that it’ll go away tomorrow..
would adding toothpaste on it for 15 minutes be too much products?

Remedies for Bad Breath

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