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My baby is getting her 4th tooth, and she has a nasty rash around her mouth and bad breath. Whats going on?

bad breath
Regan P asked:

Im not sure if its the binki causes the bad breath and rash, but I really need to treat this, and I dont think its severe enough to go to the doctor.

Bad breath Gone

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How can I get rid of my 3 yr old’s bad breath?

bad breath
up_all_night asked:

No matter how many times I brush her teeth or how long, in minutes after brushing stills lingers the smell of bad breath. I know bad breath is caused by bacteria and I have been told by some to brush her tongue, but I heard that could brush off taste buds too and could be a bad thing. I can’t think of anything in her food that could be causing this. She is a nibbler. She won’t finish a full meal but will nibble constantly throughout the day.
Ok I appreciate everyone who could answer my question in a civilized and respectful manner, but I still cannot believe how many of you are just flat out rude and seem to have no clue so you just make things up to assume! Like the stupidity of telling me to quit feeding my daughter onions. Nobody in my house eats onions. None of us like them. Second, whoever said it was rotting teeth, Umm, my daughter’s teeth have been checked out and they are perfect so i’m told. Anyway, thanks to those of you who were decent human beings in your answer.

Get Rid of Poop Breath

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