How to tell your staff tacfully that she has a bad breath?

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mulsurja asked: one of my staff has a bad breath. she work at the front desk and communicate with customer closely on daily basis. I am worry that we’re gonna loose customer because of this issue.Bad breath Gone


My mom says that dairy products makes my breath smell bad?

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i_hate_computerss asked: I’ve been have yogurt, milk and lot’s more that is dairy for years and years. Lately my mom has notice my breath has been smelling bad, could the dairy products effect that. ThanksRapid Cure for Bad Breath


What else besides gum disease causes bad breath. Please help? Where do I go from here?

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Precious asked: I have went to several dentists about breath odor. They have stated that there is nothing wrong withmy gums or teeth. Yet people are offended and i am embarrassed about the odor. i wake up every morning with mucous around my gum area and in my mouth. Where do I go from here? […]


How to get rid of bad breath?

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tina asked: I hav a very bad breath.The moment I open my mouth to say something it come out making people to go away from me.I wash my teeth 2 times in a day for more than 2 minutes,but it is of no use.Even I eat mint gums but it works for only 15 minutes […]


Is there a solution out there to get rid of my dogs BAD breath?

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Pompin Jo asked: Any suggestions????Bad breath Gone