Can Ear Mites or an Ear Infection in a dog Cause Bad Breath?

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Rose D asked: I have a 5 months old Miniature rat terrier and I THINK that she has ear mites. There are black grain like thingys in her ear that resemble coffee grain. She also has extremely bad breath that she can’t seem to get rid of. Is there a chance that stubborn ear mites […]


Is bad breath after waking up from a long sleep normal?

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[ Z A R A ] asked: Usually when I wake up in the morning, I have a bad breath… even though I ALWAYS brush before sleeping…. it doesn’t really smell that bad… it just has a wierd smell… maybe ‘I’ only feel it because it’s inside my mouth…? You mean I should breath with […]


how do you fight bad breath during Ramadan?

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maryam asked: it’s my understanding that you shouldn’t even brush your teeth during the day.. for fear you may swallow something.. so what to do about your breath? any suggestions?Caffeinated Content


WaterPik Technology to improve bad breath?

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Kelly asked: I seem to have an extremely bad taste in the back of my mouth..(nasal-throat). I occassionally cough up these tiny yellow, stinky balls. (very bad) Would a waterpik help get at these and clean up the back of my oral cavity?Caffeinated Content


How can I keep my breath from smelling bad?

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Aruba_dude297 asked: Doctors told me I have smelly breath because of my Reflux, What are ways that I could use to keep my breath from smelling bad?Bad breath Gone