well everydayy i brush my teeth and after about ten minutes i have bad breath again how can i stop it?

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kristen m asked: please help Cure Bad Breath


How to tell someone they have bad breath?

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Baby Leah Elaine due 04/08/2009 asked: How do you tell someone that they have bad breath in a nice way? Is there really a nice way of saying it? Help me cuz my co-worker has some really foul breath.Clear up Bad Breath Today!

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What should i do for bad breath?

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bab asked: What should i do for bad breath? Thick yellowish materal accumulates in my throat which causes bad-breath.It is because of that and no problem is in my mouth. Suggest away out. I visited a doctor also but?Clear up Bad Breath Today!


How Do I Tell My Friend She Has Bad Breath?

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Crimson and Clover asked: One of my friends has bad breath, and it is disgusting. We aren’t very close, and I’m afraid if i tell her, I will start a fight or something. I was just wondering if there was a different way to say it.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


How do I tell someone they have bad breath in a polite way?

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cristina p asked: Its one of the bosses actually. I mean I don’t want to be rude coz that could cost me my job. But it really does stink and a lot of people in the office are laughing at his back. He’s nice to me so I want to be nice to him too. […]