How do I tell my friend he has bad breath?

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quiche117 asked: He has really bad breath but I don’t know how to tell him. Any ideas?Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


how do you get rid of small dog bad breath?

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pixie asked: my toy poodle has nasty breath! i brush his teeth often, spray his mouth with oxyfresh (for dogs), and have had his teeth cleaned. but nothing seems to help for long period of time. does anyone have any tips?Clear up Bad Breath Today!


How to fix cat’s bad breath other than sending them to the vets?

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Chocolate asked: My cat have been living with me for years. She hadnt got any breath problems until she got sicked one day. She refused to come home and she starting to get really dirty, smelly and skinny. But after a few weeks, she’s getting quite well and very active. She came back and i […]


How do you tell a coworker he/she has bad breath without hurting his/her feelings?

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Need Advice asked: I have a coworker I work very closely with all day. Very nice and very smart. Please, give polite answers. What if it is your boss?Caffeinated Content


How to ease my 10 months old baby bad breath?

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stephanie L asked: No matter how often I brush his teeth, he still has bad breath, any suggestion?Rapid Cure for Bad Breath