Something to help my cat’s bad breath?

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Bruce Wayne asked: She likes to lick me, especially if she’s awake and I am not. Her breath stinks! Is there anythng I give her so it doesn’t smell like tuna?Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


A girl in class who sits next to me has really bad breath?

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fashion is love asked: She is friendly, and speaks to me sometimes in lessons or just at the end of them, we are not close though, but her breath smells unbelievably bad! Everyone says it, and i don’t understand what is wrong. Once i offered her a mint, and she said no thanks, why wouldn’t […]


Can cheddar cheese be the cause of severe bad breath?

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?MizzUnderstood? asked: My grandfather eats a bunch every day and his breath smells like potty. He’s grumpy all the time and refuses to accept breath mints, or toothbrushes. He even knocked some mints off my hand! ugh! Could the cheese be the cause so I can throw it away?Caffeinated Content


My dog constantly has bad breath?

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Havenwood asked: Can I give her a small portion of a Listerine Breath Strip every once in a while? I tried breath strips for dogs and it didn’t help at all. She has her teeth brushed when we go to the vet. You don’t understand the extent to which her breath smells. I don’t even […]