Is bad breath a sign of diabetes?

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pugnose asked: I am frequently urinating, hungry,thirsty and tired. But Im not obese, Im a fit 32 years old guy… and my friend told me i have bad breath–which may be caused by diabetes..could I really have that sickness? Im just so afraid to know coz my mom died of having diabetic complications…is having bad […]


Church member with bad breath and body odor?

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Cactus flower asked: This fella who goes to my church has really bad breath and each and every time he talks to me I can see black holes in his teeth. His body stinks so that it almost burns the inside of my nose. I don’t want to say anything to him nor his wife. […]


how do I get rid of bad breath?

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Dodo asked: I brush my teeth regularly, floss, brush my tongue, dont smoke, chew gum often. and still. STILL i get bad breath. i think I have a stomach problem or something because sometimes I can feel a little chunk of something stuck in my throat, when I cough it up it smells like poo. […]


What might be causing my cat to have bad breath?

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imbeenie asked: She is eight months old and is in seemingly very good health. When I asked the vet a few months ago about it, she said that it is likely from teething, and it should go away by 6 mos. But, it hasn’t. And it’s baaaaadddd. When she grooms herself, her whole body stinks!Get […]


How to get rid of bad breath?

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china619 asked: what can i do to get rid of bad breath… i brush numerous time a day, use mouth was and floss. but nothing seem to work… please advise.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath