My dog has really bad breath and she will not let me brush her teeth. Any advice? She bites, gets upset etc?

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pashashoney asked: I give her a Denta bone to clean her teeth. I give her a new one when she runs out. Usually about every 4 days. When I say her breath is bad it is unbearable. I am afraid of periodontal disease, but her vet said her teeth are in good shape.Clear up Bad […]


I had my bad breath since college. What is the cure for this illness?

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cheblacon asked: I keep on cleaning my tongue and had my tooth check by my dentists but I think it’s inside my throat I saw some white spots which I think had a very bad odor. It cannot be remove by mere gargle. I’ve tried already different kinds of brand of mouthwash but to no […]


My baby is getting her 4th tooth, and she has a nasty rash around her mouth and bad breath. Whats going on?

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Regan P asked: Im not sure if its the binki causes the bad breath and rash, but I really need to treat this, and I dont think its severe enough to go to the doctor.Bad breath Gone


How do you get rid of bad breath?

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Lizzy asked: I have bad breath and i have been doing research and i cant find anything good. But my boyfriend always is saying i have bad breath and tht is very embarassing.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


Is there anything I can use or take to cover bad breath coming from the stomach? ?

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Antonio R asked: I have an acid feeling, and it is not heartburn, it is causing me to have an acidy breath come from the stomach, and it is NOT from not brushing my teeth or flossing, IT IS FROM THE STOMACH! Is there anything I can buy for this?Bad breath Gone