Is it possible that mouthwash is making my breath worse?

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abc asked: I’ve noticed that everytime I remember to use mouthwash, I end up with bad breath a few hours later or the next day. Is this possible or am I imagining things? It is an anti-bacterial, alcohol-free mouthwash. My theory is that the good-bacteria in my mouth are being killed and the bad-breath-bacteria are […]


Is a cat just a small type of dog without the bad breath?

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chizza asked: I read that cats were genetically identical to dogs. They are even more closely related to dogs than other dogs are. Why do we call them cats? Also, why do cats make people shoot each other Cure Bad Breath


has anyone here had an adenoidectomy? if so, is it normal to have horrible bad breath after a week?

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da person asked: I can taste it in the back of my throat, and it is disgusting. please help! Cure Bad Breath


how do you get rid of bad breath if you still have it after you brush your teeth?

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everythingcasey87 asked: i have a retainer that i have to wear to bed. and i get up and it traps all of the bacteria in my mouth so i have extremely bad breath when i wake up. then I eat breakfast and brush my teeth. but i still have bad breath. what should i do?Bad […]


why is it bad to breath pure oxygen for a long time?

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hamovtaleen asked: why is it bad to breath pure oxygen for a long timeRapid Cure for Bad Breath

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