What can you do about medicine that makes you have bad breath?

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princesspink asked: I was prescribed a new medicine, and I realized that it is causing me to have a nasty taste in my mouth and my husband says I have bad breath. I constantly brush my teeth and use mouthwash and chew gum, but it doesn’t go away. I can’t stop taking the prescription. Has […]

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How do you fix and prevent bad breath produced by a dog?

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Dinky asked: My dog Pearl, has real bad breath. How can you prevent this and what is the best and efficient way to stop this.Get Rid of Poop Breath


what was the type of gum that crushes bad breath germs?

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Tanya B asked: I saw the commercial on TV it was like these two guys talking and one talks into the answering machine and the other makes a face and offers him gum and then later a lady comes and whispers into this guy’s ear and he makes a face.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


How do i tell my boyfriend he has bad breath without embarrassing him ?

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packgirl1776 asked: brushing does not help much..so i think it’s a dental/ oral issue.Clear up Bad Breath Today!


Why does hot or warm water taste bad when you have bad breath?

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The Big Cheese asked: I just took a shower and I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet, and I tried to drink the hot water in the shower and it tasted sooo bad. Why is this?Rapid Cure for Bad Breath