How can you tell your friend that he has bad breath after 3 years?

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mb73luv asked: After so long of dating and wonderign if you really wont to be with this person, their perosonality is great they are all-around good perosn but one thing is stopping you in being more attractive to them is their breath, how do you go about letting them no, that they have bad breath […]


daughters bad breath smells kinda like fish?

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lpi01t asked: SERIOUS question: my 2 yr old daughters breath smells fishy! we brush her teeth at least twice a day, but sometimes it still smells kinda fishy. She loves to eat oatmeal almost every da for breakfast and sometimes at night before she goes to bed? Anyone know what could be the cause???? THANKS […]


Is it true that cinnamon gum (big red) gives you bad breath?

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lovestar asked: I read cinnamon gives bad breath.. is this true? I hope not, because I love big red gum.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


Bad breath linked to stomach acids?

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jazzi asked: Apparently stomach acids can give you bad breath even after you brush, is this true?Clear up Bad Breath Today!


i have an 8 week old mini daschund puppy girl who seems to have bad breath,any advice to make it smell better?

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Brian L asked: my puppy compared to others seems to have a different and bad breath, i dont know if it might be a trait or food diet. is there a healthy way to keep her breath smelling better than it is now that won’t cost as much money?? we currently feed her royal canin […]