why does my lhasa apso have such bad breath?

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darkpositive asked: he is 7 month old and has the most horrible breath we gave him breath treats and brushed his teeth/Clear up Bad Breath Today!


My dude has bad breath, how do i tell him?

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Tinaluv asked: I try to get some gum for him, but he says he doesnt like gum, i get him mints but if i dont buy, he wont buy as he does not realise he at times has bad breath.How do i tell him he sometimes has bad breath without offending him? Am always cautious […]


Can not drinking water or sinus problems cause bad breath?

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……………. asked: What else can? How to treat it? Will everyone remember me this way? What if that doesn’t work?Clear up Bad Breath Today!


How to prevent bad breath?

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Charo P asked: My best friend has a probem because sometimes he has a bad breath. He told me that he’s doing everything to prevent it. He brushed his teeth 2 times a day and using mouth wash 5 times a day. He always bring altoids peppermint and keep on eating more than 10 altoids […]


what is the natural and the cheapest way of getting rid of bad breath besides brushing often?

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billyBelieves asked: i dont know what causes beacuse theres a cleaning routine being done constantly but surely afraid it might get chronic. is there something that can help easily, fast and natural?Clear up Bad Breath Today!