A bad breath emanates often from my mouth. How can i treat it?

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jobless asked: The mornings after i wake up, or even at some other times, I dont know y but, I have a bad breath.. Its not ‘cos of the toothpaste I use.. since its a very good brand that I use. This is very embarassing for me when I talk to somebody..as they can sense […]


My chihuahua has bad breath, what can be done?

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Nanner asked: He is 22 months old. I have only had him for a week, and when I got him, his breath smelled horrible. He is also a very picky eater, which makes it hard to give treats that help the breath.Caffeinated Content


How do you get rid of bad breath?

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NeedHelp asked: Can you help me because i brush my teeth in the morning but people say it smells really bad it might be that i keep my mouth closed for a long time anything matters as long as it kills bad breathCaffeinated Content


what diesease or bacteria from your resiratory tract can cuase bad breath?

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please can i have a best answer asked: I have bad breath and im really trying to get to the problem,been to several dentist and the ent nothing is wrong,someone said it can be something from the respiratory tract like bacteria,is this true,only thing I have is asthma and allergies.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


HELP! How can you cure bad breath?! I need a cheap cure for bad breath that is likely due to a cavity?

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Elise asked: I think I have a cavity, or maybe my wisdom tooth is messed up, because my husband says that I taste gross when he kisses me, and every now and then, I get stinky breath. I brush and floss, but I have always needed a lot of dental care because of acidic saliva, […]