Whats worse to smell: Bad Breath or Body Odor?

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King JT asked: What do you think is worse Bad Breath or Disgusting Body Odor? Please state your reasons why lol. I personally cant stand Bad Breath , make me wanna vomit.Clear up Bad Breath Today!


how do I eliminate bad breath at school?

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Mckenzie W asked: I have bad breath after lunch, and we are not allowed to brush our teeth then, or have gum, or mints, or anything, what should I do? my school is very strict and sometimes they snoop in your lockersGet Rid of Poop Breath


what is the best cure for bad breath?

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asked: one of my students have it quite bad despite brushing her teeth 2-3 times a day.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


does anybody else have a baby with bad breath and is it normal?

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Chris A asked: my daughter who is 11 months has bad breath is there any thing you can get for this.Caffeinated Content


Any good home remedies or semi-cheap store cures for bad breath?

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poptartisme@yahoo.com or Sammi asked: I brush my teeth everyday normally, but my breath still stinks. My future may rely on you, LOL, but it is starting to worry me, maybe there’s something wrong with me? So please, store items from five to 15 dollars and anything for home remedies. Also, stories about how you used […]