curing bad dog breath?

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tortured by dog asked: how do you cure bad dog breath?? we have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. is there any kind of medication we can give him that will cure his rotten stench??

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Why do I get sharp pains in my palm? I think it’s from using my computer mouse a lot. Prevention tips/cures?

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A_H_lady asked: using my cpu less is out of the question (all my schoolwork and professional work requires my being on it all day). ive been doing little stretches pulling back my fingertips in a backwards arch motion, but the relief lasts seconds only, pain returns instantly. its like a numby warm constant pain that […]


How To Prevent Bad Breath In The Morning

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Anna Drew asked: At least 90% of the people will experience bad breath in the morning. This is a common problem and it is quite unavoidable. Why do most people have bad breath in the morning? Our body will be in a relaxed mode when we are sleeping and during this time, we will not […]

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any tips for curing the common cold?

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“Chanel-o” asked: I know rest and a lot of water but do any of you have any remidies?