My daughters science homework on scientific method is confusing?

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southeast roasters cult asked: Question is: Mr Krabs created a secret ingredient for a breath mint that he thinks will cure the bad breath people get from eating crabby patties. He asked 100 customers with a history of bad breath to try his new breath mint. He had 50 customers (Group A) eat a breath […]


i have bad breath that smells like fish, how to cure?

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asked: licking candy sticks seems to cause it. but i can stop.


I’m suffering from halitosis(bad breath).how can i cure permanently?

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sachee3 asked: i met a dentist and he gave me lestarine mouth wash.but it didnt work i still have.before that i had tonsils and i still have.ent surgeon gave mev some tablets to reduse mucus.and he said there was a channel has ceated to my throat.and he prescribed me a nasal spry and mouth washes […]