What can stop bad breath?

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Nes asked: will using warm water with salt in it help stop bad breath. If not what can? Cause my friend has a problem with getting rid of bad breath.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


How can I tell some they have bad breath?

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girlanachronism asked: What is the best way to let someone know they have dragon breath all the time (and that person happens to be your bf?)Clear up Bad Breath Today!


Does bad breath come from your tongue or between teeth below the gumline?

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Sophia Petrillo asked: I saw an ad that says bad breath is from the tongue, but whenever I floss it smells bad so why isnt it from between the teeth?Bad breath Gone


what can My boyfriend do with his bad breath?

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jennifercasey5986 asked: I can not stand the smell of his breath it is so bad in the car i have to roll down the window . It is so bad.. I always tell him and he says it is because he hasn’t eaten.. but he always finds a reason why it smells.. point blank his […]


My husband can’t seem to get rid of his bad breath no matter what he does. Does anyone know what he should do?

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Doris M asked: He brushes his teeth constantly, He flosses, he uses a pic to clean out his hole in his tooth, His gums also bleed when he brushes. But he really takes good care of his teeth and mouth. So what can it be?Get Rid of Poop Breath