Are there any home remedies for bad breath in the morning?

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Jennifer C asked: Just before I leave the house I brush my teeth properly, but still when I’m out and about I still manage to get really bad breath, which puts people off severely… are there any HOME remedies I could use? Cure Bad Breath


Why do people with bad breath always wanna tell you a secret?

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Fuct asked: Seriously think about it. Whenever someone wants to tell me a secret up close in my face they have bad breath. ALL THE TIME! It’s funny.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


Bad Breath Remedy

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Marty Rubenski asked: Having awful breath can be really embarrassing. Many people with this condition have been constantly looking for the perfect remedy that can cure bad breath.Your first stop should be your own doctor. Although he is likely to have any miracle cure for your bad breath, he can eliminate any underlying health problems […]

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Does anyone know what to do about bad breath?

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mazey1967 asked: I feel like I have bad breath. My husband says that I’m imagining it, but I notice that about an hour after brushing my teeth I feel like I have bad breath and my mouth tastes bad. I’ve had my dental check up and have no cavities, and I’ve tried every kind of […]


What’s good for an elderly person who has bad breath?

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jaimestar64cross asked: They have good dental hygiene(and see the dentist regularly) and beautiful teeth (white and their natural teeth) but their breath is really bad…. any recommendation on what could be the cause or how it can be controlled?Rapid Cure for Bad Breath