How do you get rid of bad breath?

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Vibes asked: I brush every day, and at night. I use mouthwash. But for some reason i can taste the bad breath in my mouth throughout the day, why can this be?Get Rid of Poop Breath


How do you tell diplomatically to someone that he has a bad breath?

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yogi asked: I offer a mint gum – but that’s not really subtle.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


Diabetes causing bad breath possible hair loss and dandruff what can I do?

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FawneMine asked: I was diagnosed with type two diabetes about 6 months ago. I’ve gotten on the medication metformin. I have lost 40 pounds or so. I am wondering if there is anything at all I can do about my skin condition of dry skin and also am concerned about the bad breath. I brush […]


My friend is scared to go to the dentist. What does it mean when you have bad breath and a painful toothache?

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Cookey asked: He finds it hard to eat things nowRapid Cure for Bad Breath


My sister constantly has bad breath. She uses mouth wash and brushes her teeth thouroughly?

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Maddstar asked: But she still feels that she has bad breath. What can she do to get rid of it?Clear up Bad Breath Today!